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High Impact Presentations

This workshop is designed to help participants acquire the skills they need in order to make an impressive presentation. They will learn how to prepare, practice and deliver a business presentation. The participants’ enhanced skills will enable them to convey their specialized technical knowledge and increase the value they bring to their clients. Client-facing professionals, should not miss out this practical workshop which will assist them in delivering powerful, persuasive presentations with confidence, thus, it will strengthen their ability to engage with their clients.


By the end of seminar participants will

• Know how to prepare and organize the key components of an effective presentation
• Be able to use tips, tools and techniques in order to improve their presentation design and delivery skills
• Learn how to prepare an effective, high impact presentation
• Be in a position to deliver presentations with increased skill and confidence
• Be able to identify qualities and behaviours of powerful presenters
• Identify their strengths and strategies for improvement when presenting
• Improve their High-Impact Presentations through practice.

What we would do

The teaching methodology of this course combines formal theoretical instruction, with frequent reference to real case scenarios. The course is intended to be practical and interactive, with delegates being encouraged to ask questions.

Who is it meant for?

Anyone whose role requires them to deliver presentations to internal or external audiences. No formal presentation experience required.