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Cogwheel Band Training & Consulting is all about making YOU shine in your organization.
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Result Oriented

Our modules are built to enhance productivity in your personal and professional lives.


Experienced Advice

Leverage our collective experience to assist you in meeting your business objectives.


Diverse Approach

One-size doesn’t fit all, we believe in incorporating a variety of training methodologies.


Professional Team

Our professional team is backed by years of experience and adept in their field of knowledge.


Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at the workplace.

A mandated program for all organizations in India. The awareness programs and training sessions help employees understand the PoSH Act 2013.

Whatever path you choose, make learning STICK!


Employee Development

Build POWER skills and enhance your employees to work confidently, effectively, and independently.

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Management Development

Develop successors, build fundamental managerial abilities. Enable successful transitions of Individual contributors to first time managers.

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Leadership Development

Leadership development is business imperative. Create a growth mindset to lead successful business outcomes.