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Management Skills

Being a Manager in today’s complex working environment is an achievement on its own since Managers need to prove themselves constantly, lead their teams and handle several pressing issues simultaneously. This workshop will inform participants of how they may become more confident and proactive Managers and Leaders. Each Manager needs to acquire a certain set of skills, attributes and attitudes in order to drive towards excellence. This dynamic workshop will guide participants through their concerns and assist them in unbundling their thoughts regarding their daily tasks as well as their role as a Manager.


By the end of seminar participants will

• Understand their role and responsibilities as Managers and Leaders
• Adopt a new delegation style
• Improve their feedback techniques and Managerial skills
• Learn how others perceive them
• Study and practice Coaching techniques
• Find out how they may deal with conflict and manage disagreements
• Be introduced to leadership styles
• Improve their communication skills
• Realize how to set an example for their team.

What we would do

The teaching methodology of this course combines formal theoretical instruction with frequent reference to real case scenarios. The course is intended to be practical and interactive, with delegates being encouraged to ask questions.

Who is it meant for?

Managers and staff who wish to improve their productivity by becoming strong leaders in their organization. This course is also suitable for those who want to advance their professional development skills.