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New Managers Boot Camp

The role of the Manager is highly demanding and often complex. When one is undertaking this role it is important to elevate his/her skills and have the knowledge and awareness to deal with new situations and people. Handling this role masterfully and be successful and productive are challenging tasks. In this workshop the trainers will guide the participants through important managerial requirements and assist them in rising to their new role.


By the end of seminar participants will

• Understand their new role and responsibilities
• Be informed of how to manage their team efficiently
• Adopt a new delegation style
• Improve their feedback techniques and Managerial skills
• Learn how others perceive them
• Study and practice Coaching techniques
• Find out how they may deal with conflict and manage disagreements
• Be introduced to leadership styles
• Improve their communication skills
• Realize how to set an example for their team.

What we would do

The teaching methodology of this course combines formal theoretical instruction with frequent reference to real case scenarios. The course is intended to be practical and interactive, with delegates being encouraged to ask questions.

Who is it meant for?

All new promoted managerial staff and those who will get promoted to a senior position.