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Personal Branding Workshop

This workshop will assist participants in comprehending the way others perceive and identify them as well as provide guidance on how they may restructure their personal branding. This training on Personal Branding will also inform participants of how to create their professional image and project it in a consistent manner.


By the end of seminar participants will

• Recognise their personal style
• Realize the image they project to others
• Identify their branding and conflict style
• Effectively projecting their personal branding to the people around them
• Be handling their EQ skills in a more skilful and efficient way
• Know what to do in order to sustain their personal image.

What we would do

The teaching methodology of this seminar combines formal theoretical instruction, with frequent reference to real case scenarios. The course is intended to be practical and interactive, with delegates being encouraged to ask questions.

Who is it meant for?

Leaders and managers who would like to improve the image they project to their colleagues, associates and customers.