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Eat That Frog (Time Management)

Managing your time in order to meet the needs of both internal and external clients and delivering quality service, is a critical business requirement at every level. This Time Management program is designed to assist you in identifying improvement opportunities, as well as, illustrating how to manage your time for optimal performance and results.


By the end of seminar participants will

• Learn how to compose and prioritize a master task list as well as compose realistic weekly plans based on urgency and importance
• Describe the reasons individuals are reluctant to delegate tasks.
• Select the appropriate management style for the delegates, according to their level of skill and willingness to complete the task
• Apply the Three P's technique (Paraphrase, Position and Possibilities)
• Name and categorize distraction barriers
• Identify and use strategies for managing interruptions, distractions and procrastination.

What we would do

The teaching methodology of this seminar combines formal theoretical instruction, with frequent reference to real case scenarios. The course is intended to be practical and interactive, with delegates being encouraged to ask questions. A highly personalized seminar providing the attendees with the opportunity to participate in guided time management exercises. Participants will explore strategies for evaluating priorities, staying focused and managing expectations, as well as practice responding to continuous requests from managers, peers and clients.

Who is it meant for?

All level professionals who seek contemporary and effective time management techniques, to improve their productivity and reduce their stress levels.